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Timberland Management

Trott Forest Products, Inc.Trott Forest Products, Inc. offers a full range of forestry services including: woodlot management, timber appraisals, timber and timberland purchasing.

In 1970 Trott Real Estate was established with its primary business being the brokerage of recreational and woodlot properties. After several years, clients that had purchased woodlots through Trott Real Estate inquired about having their lots managed and harvested to generate income. Because of the number of requests, Trott Forest Products, Inc. was created to satisfy this demand.

Over the past thirty years, Trott Forest Products, Inc. has established an excellent reputation in its field. We have a full time licensed forester on staff that will cruise and appraise your woodlot free of charge and make management suggestions, which can be the basis for a management plan tailored to your wood lot.

We have managed lots from 10 acres to 10,000 acres. Trott Forest Products, Inc. can harvest the timber on your lot under the supervision of our forester and will be responsible for all state and federal regulations including safety and environmental regulations.

Trott Forest Products, Inc.
owns several thousand acres and is always interested in purchasing additional woodlots.

From Ed Rosso; company forester

My job as company forester is to work with you as a landowner or prospective landowner of forest land. I will personally assist you identify and achieve goals while helping you to understand the principles of forestry so that you can make informed decisions. Once your goals are identified, I will work closely with you to implement the plan of action that has been agreed upon. My knowledge and 20 plus years of experience in all phases of forestry are at your disposal.

Thank You, Ed Rosso ME Licensed Forester #3029

Education: B.S. Chemistry/Biology; B.S. Forestry; Graduate level studies in Forestry

Services Offered: Timber appraisal; management plans; road & bridge construction; planning/supervision of timber harvesting; forest plantation establishment; thinning and timber stand improvement; compliance with environmental, forestry and zoning regulations; marketing forest products; clearing for building/development.
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